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Breeder of Merit: American Kennel Club: Boston Terrier
Cosmo's Boston Terriers
Boston Terrier Showcase:
CH Sunwoods Lucy in the Sky With Cosmic Diamonds

Name: "Lucy" CH Sunwoods Lucy in the Sky with Cosmic Diamonds

Sire:  "Cosmo"   M-BISS Ch Flashpoint's Cosmic Ray, ROM
Dam:  "QE2"      Sunwoods Gambler's Dream

Contacts:  Carol  Hobbs or Marlo  Parsons 

Lucy in the Sky With Cosmic Diamonds  Lucy: lovable Boston

Lucy, a beautiful baby Boston Terrier, evolved in to a very striking debutant, ascending to the championship plateau at just 13 months old, finishing at the Popcorn Cluster in Valporaiso, Indiana. She enjoys strutting her stuff, turning the heads of the boys and the judges.

Favorite Activites:  Sun bathing, swimming in her pool, playing tug -o-war, and chasing her brother Nitro. She loves snuggling on the sofa or in bed while watching "Animal Planet."

Lucy possesses a sweet and endearing personality, loving children and her family alike.  She is a very  well-mannered Boston and very respectful of the requests issued by her  family.  She has completed health clearances with BAER, CERF, Patellas earning the coveted,  "BTCA gold health certificate." 

Lucy has been adopted by 3 generations...the Ho-Pa Boxer Family:  6-year old Gracie, Mom, Marlo Parsons and Grandmom, Carol Hobbs.  The duo are now known as Princess Gracie and Lady Lucy.  Just when those in Kansas thought the most famous duo was Dorothy and Toto----Gracie & Lucy have arrived!  

Louisville Kennel Club   Chicago Kennel Club
Move over Dorothy and Toto, Princess Gracie and Lady Lucy have arrived!

Gracie shares a secret with Paxton as Lucy looks on.

Boston puppy with kids

puppy with girl
Gracie stacks Lucy with confidence.

Lucy is crazy about Gracie.

  Lucy and Gracie, a dynamic team of the future.

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