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Breeder of Merit: American Kennel Club: Boston Terrier

Cosmo's Comets & Tails Gallery of Photos

including a NASA photo of the Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1300

Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1300

CH Cosmo and his family

RENO, Nevada was the site of the 2011 BTCA National Specialty show. 
Alan Merrigan of Moonlight Magic Photography captured the essence of these Cosmonauts.

Members of the Frozen Assets: Chilled Kiddos:  Left to Right Caden Michael, Corbin  Edward, Carmie Ann,  and Nitro is alla  naturale'.



Cosmo and Christie catch some rays on a sunny June afternoon.
(Where's the beach?)

Chip's family celebrating his win.

Autumn - Chip and Cosmo

Cowboy Cosmo dons his spurs to rescue this maiden in distress.

Cosmo the Patriot celebrates July 4th

On June 17th, the boys were united as playmates and best friends.