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Breeder of Merit: American Kennel Club: Boston Terrier
Cosmo's Boston Terriers presents:
CH Sunwoods Heaven Sent, CGC

Ch. Sunwoods Heaven Sent

Breeder:  Jill Ritchey

Boston Terrier: CH Sunwoods Heaven Sent, CGC female

Cori is the head DIVA of the family.  She relaxes while extoling her virtues.

Sunwoods Heaven Sent: Cori
Cori  emits a radiance of love, natural beauty  and confidence.

Sunwoods Heaven Sent: Cori

"Cori Blooms"

The Elegance of Sunwoods is Convey by Cori
This is Cori at age one and a half years old.
Sunwoods Heaven Sent: CoriSunwoods Heaven Sent: CoriSunwoods Heaven Sent: Cori

“Cori   Lee  Caddidlehopper”
CH. Sunwoods  Heaven  Sent
CH. Sunwoods Repeat Performance  ROM   X 
CH. Sunwoods Comet by Cosmo  ROM
Peter X Sparkle

Cori’s homecoming was much anticipated…..She was adopted on April 12, 2003.  Her late arrival  was due to the heavy snows that with great consistency hit the mid-west on the weekends.  Her 1st pictures are the above.  Boy…was she worth the wait.  Her natural beauty, grace and presence immediately captivated the boys.

CH. Sunwoods Heaven Sent: Cori    Cori, one of Sunwood's finest dogs    
This Sunwoods Original lived up to our expectations ascending to her championship plateau in 3 weekends with 4 majors, and a 2-point win.  She was a bridesmaid at only two shows a reserves to two 4 point majors at the  prestigious Louisville Specialty and a Louisville all-breed show.

Persona, Profile,  Power & Presence in the ring, are all hallmarks of the Sunwoods Boston Terrier tradition. Cori  Ann, was expertly presented  by Imogene Brown.

Cori’s Family: In addition to her parents she has a beautiful sister, Pagan, CH. Sunwoods Fire Walk with Me who resides in Michigan. 

Her brother is the very handsome Troy, CH. Sunwoods Destiny Awaits who completed his championship at the prestigious Cleveland Christmas Crown Classic Shows.  A dominate force in the ring, he finished undefeated in three weekends.  Troy is now producing lovely show quality litters at his Sunwoods residence.

(100% of Sparkle’s deliveries have finished in style!)

Cori and Jeri  Boston portrait  

Cori is truly, “Heaven Sent.”
She’s brought our entire family lots of love. 
We have all found her  sweetness and gentle demeanor to be very engaging. 
She quickly evolved as the Princess of our Palace!

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